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Ticketsmyway being investigated for Wire Fraud, Extortion and False Collection Practices. All victims should retain all emails Andrew has sent, the bogus Fed Ex Summons and Complaint and all voice messages recorded on telephones from Andrew.

WIRE FRAUD - 18 USC 1343, makes it a Federal crime or offense for anyone to use interstate wire communications facilities in carrying out a scheme to defraud. A person can be found guilty of that offense if all of the following facts are proved beyond a reasonable doubt:

First: That the person knowingly and willfully devised a scheme to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false pretenses, representations or promises;

Second: That the person knowingly transmitted or caused to be transmitted by wire in interstate commerce some sound for the purpose of executing the scheme to defraud.

EXTORTION - The use, or the express or implicit threat of the use, of violence or other criminal means to cause harm to person, reputation, or property as a means to obtain property from someone else with his consent. USC 18

I received a letter from the State of Nevada, Department of Business and Industry, NEVADA CONSUMER AFFAIRS DIVISION regarding Ticketsmyway.

It reads as follows:

Dear Sir,

The Division has received your complaint against the aforementioned business, and an investigation has been initiated. The investigation has been assigned to the writer.

If you have any questions concerning the investigative process, such as time frames, what will be done or accomplished, possible resolutions or any general information please contact the Division at the telephone number noted in the letterhead.

General Information for victims of Ticketsmyway

Visit the Nevada Attorney General’s Office

the Nevada Better Business Bureau

file a complaint there

--How to Report Illegal Collection Practices

A cold Nevada jail cell is awaiting Andrew and Dennis. Help the authorities convict them on the above charges by filing complaints with state and local agencies.

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No,not under investigation for injuring women,or meth making? Call the Las Vegas police dept.Or pay a little amt. of $ and see his record online.It's public records,it just costs a little.For those who are pissed don't worry.WItchcraft is working already.ANd I will continue to play with it.Google his name.1st thing to come up is for,"Attempted Murder on his ex wife.Curtis.


I was ripped of by this site also and have reported them to the Nevada BBB. Andrew is a joke to deal with and has not care or concern how the company rips off customers.

I purchased tickets to a Linkin Park concert in Salt Lake City in Jan 08 and was told I would receive the ticket 1 week before the event to only find out then there was no tickets and then promissed a refund I sitll have not gotten and now it's Sept 08.

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF. Google the other reviews and you'll find other people that have been ripped off also.

Cedar, Michigan, United States #28415

Yeah this poster is sooooo lying.

he posts under all these different tags and names. Trying to mislead people.

Cedar, Michigan, United States #27826

Yeah right, they are not being investigated! This is that guy who keep s posting under different names and fighting with other people on here.

Your a joke and a coward!

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