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I received the small claims threat yesterday via fedex. Needless to say I was pretty pissed.

I had order tics for a feb 2 event on jan 15. Finally, about 5 days before the events, I received the tracking number and a scheduled delivery day. After a couple of days of no activity on the tracking number, I called fedex who verified that there was no pickup scheduled. Anyway - once I finally got through to Event Tickets, they confirmed they didn't have the tickets, offered the refund which they never ended up processing so I went through my CC for the credit.

Now they say they will sue if I don't pay their chargeback fees of $160+ by the 9th. The snotty woman on the phone said they have every right to sue. I filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office.

They need to be put away!!!

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Westville, Illinois, United States #15582

I received the same thing for the same circumstances two days ago with a deadline of June 8 or they will sue. What is wrong with these people??? How are they getting away with it?

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