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My situation is identical to the below complaints and probably many others.

I made the mistake of buying several tickets to a concert using Ticketsmyway. They didn't show up and I received a call from Ticketsmyway to cancel the tickets and that would enable me to get a refund. Similar to the tickets, the refund didn't show up either and no one apparently answers phones or responds to email at Ticketsmyway.

I didn't waste much time as it was obvious what was going on. I contacted my credit card company and canceled the order. They got the money back from Ticketsmyway bank (45 days) which undoubtedly caused a charge back fee to TMway. A couple of months ago they sent me by Fed Ex a bogus Summons to appear in Clark County Court in Las Vegas with penalty charges tacked on to my original purchase. Included in the papers was a convenient offer for me to wire money to their bank account as a way to settle up my unpaid bill for tickets I never received!!

Ticketsmyway defaulted yet, since I canceled the order (at their advise/request) they point to the terms and conditions and feel they are due 45% of the charge since the order was canceled. A total bait and switch.

From what I can tell, I have to be a resident of that county to be sued in small claims and I have written the Nevada Attorney General, Nevada BBB, FBI Internet fraud.

I have received relentless calls from a certain Ticketsmyway employee who claims to be their attorney. And similar to the complaint below, I also received an email today saying that they are getting ready to sue me soon but if I just send them $125 all will be resolved. This is probably the amount of the charge back fee they got nailed with by their bank which resulted from their unsuccessful efforts to screw me.

What shameless thieves and miscreants. Major league dirt bags. I feel badly for the many people who paid these thugs with money orders and wires as they will probably never recover their losses unless maybe the Nevada Attorney General gets off her butt.

Do not use them for any reason. far, run fast

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Heerlen, Limburg, Netherlands #24292

The exact same thing is happening to me now with Rose Bowl tickets from last year that we never received. We got our money back and now they're trying the same $125 dollar scam. No way I'm paying that.

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