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I had to report that the first complaint offered by the man who was accidently issued a $403 refund said in his last sentence that he "never saw his money". He said in the first few lines that his bank account information told him he had been issued a $403 refund - which was his light-bulb to call TicketsMyWay.

The confusion in the office was embarrassing, I am sure....and they probably made a mistake. The man did not however, lose his money. I just wanted to point out there are some nasty words being slung around by mistakes bound to be made here and there when millions of ticket sales are satisfied by both the buyer and the seler.

I've never had a problem buying my tickets through Tickets My Way.

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New Bremen, Ohio, United States #7176

How much did "ticketsmyway" pay you to post this message? Or are you the boss of this thieving, crooked operation?

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