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A disgruntled ex-employee can stir a pot of misery for a business owner. The Pissed Consumer saying Ex-Employee from TicketsMyWay "rips" off money from the public - got fired for refunding the man's $403 charge for upcoming tickets, instead of debiting his account, and he didn't get his tickets.

Let's put our ducks in a row....millions of tickets flow through TicketsMyWay.com without incident. With employees, there are bound to be mistakes. "To error is human".

Ruining this disgruntled man's Valentine's Day celebration dictates severance from the company. A pissed-off consumer needs to look at the mistake, learn from it, then move on.

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Reedville, Virginia, United States #21470

The only thing that flows thru ticketsmyway is all the money they rip off from the consumers. These guys are scam artists.

I havent heard of 1 person who has actually received their tickets, only a load of B/S from the customer service people. Turn this company (and I use that term loosely) in to the authorities.

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