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It is very obvious that the company and their friends have written positive reports on here all week.Never before did we see compliments on this scam a** company,until the complaints were getting longer.There's no satisfied customers.It's the company posing as satisfied customers.Don't worry,their time is coming.Investigations for many things.Watch.

They should be a little smarter and spread out their compliments.Dumb boys.The man up above doesn't let non humans get away with stuff like this.Lets leave it in his hands.I feel sorry for their mothers.

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They gave you a heads up because..

A. you are friends with TMW and that's why you wrote that post.

B. they can't sell any more tickets because they are under investigation for fraud.

C. Possibly sold the fraud company.

And by the way,Gebers is under investigation on other charges.Just look up his record.It's public.Sometimes you have to pay under $20 for it,but it's worth it.

I hope he is taking care of you for posting for him.

Cedar, Michigan, United States #15459

I tried to buy tickets from these guys for a show in Las Vegas and they told me to go to ticketmaster because it was a General Admission Show for MC CHRIS @ GILLIANS and it was alot cheaper to do it that way anyway...

They told me they wanted my business but it was better fort me as a fan to buy direct... If they're such a Scam Company why did they give me the heads up ??

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