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I ordered tickets to the NFC championship game on Jan 13 2008 from Ticketsmyway and paid with my credit card. The order confirmation stated the tickets would be shipped within 48 hours by FedEx and theh status of my order was processing.

After 48 hours passed and no tickets and repeated calls to and leaving messages to Ticketsmyway and emails to them I contacted my credit card company and was able to stop the transaction and my account was credited. I left one last message with Ticketsmyway, which was never returned. I filed complaints with the Nevada BBB and the FBI internet crimes division and did not hear from Ticketsmyway until June 2008 when a FedEx packet was delivered to my home from Event Tickets LLC. Inside was a affidavt from Ticketsmyway/Event Tickets LLC from the Clark County Clerk of Courts.

The affidavt stated I was being sued for over 2000.00 for tickets that ordered and cancelled, also included was 400.00 of interest that I owed for tickets that were never shipped much less recieved. There was no seal or signature from a notary public which is required for a valid summons in any state. Upon checking the Clark County Nevada Justice Court Website it is clearly stated that the Justice Court can not be used to sue a party who does not live within Clark County Nevada. I called the BBB of southern Nevada and was directed to the Nevada AG's office where I was told that I was the 154th call that had been recieved by their office that day regarding the "summons" and was told the summons was not valid.

I downloaded the AG's division of consumer affair complaint form and filed the complaint form with the Nevada AG office and with the AG's office in my state. I called the number that was on the summons for Andrew Sims who is listed as the plaintiff informing him that I had received his paperwork and the steps I had taken in response. Within a few hours I got a call from Andrew Sims regarding my "threatening phone call" and if the office that I had mentioned have no authority over Event Tickets LLC/dba Ticketsmyway.com. He informed me that I needed to pay them the money I owed for tickets that were never or ever going to be sent and to stop being a deadbeat.

He asked me "one last time before the lawsuit was filed" if I was going to pay my bill and I said NO. He then got even nastier and said he couldn't wait to see me in Las Vegas. I contacted the Nevada AG's office again and was encouraged to file a police report in my town about the situation and about Mr. Andrew Sims comments and I did so.

I have not heard anything from Mr. Sims or any representive of Ticketsmyway.com or Event Tickets LLC since that time. During my last conversation with the Nevada AG's office I was told due to the sheer volume of complaints and actions of Ticketsmyway.com and Event Tickets LLC the AG herself was looking into the matter.

I hope lega action is taken against this "company" and they are shut down so no one else is swindled like myself and hundreds of others.

Monetary Loss: $2217.

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Ave, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany #19183

I contacted the BBB.They are NOT a member,as it or they mentioned it somewhere on the internet.

I spoke to someone at www.fyiconsumer.org

They said to go to the site,and fill out a complaint form.I am also contacting some of the musicians/athletes/etc.That have their tickets on their site.Like I said before,the person who owns this company is in so much legal trouble right now.So just know that karma is coming for him.

I feel sorry for all of you who have had to deal with credit fraud and stress over this.

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