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Andrew calls and emails me so often it is now become entertaining. I look forward to getting his beligerent voicemails and the email threats.

Unfortunately some months ago I fell for the scam and ordered tickets by credit card which never came. I tried to contact Ticketsmyway by phone and mail so I disputed the charge.

Now Andrew calls me all the time and keeps emailing me. His threatening emails have become more conciliatory lately. Now he wants me to post positive information about and he'll forget the whole thing! What a guy.

I wonder if Andrew's tone has changed due to investigations on Ticketsmyway and that people are learning the truth about the scam he perpetuates.

Please visit the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau site at and if you are a victim fill out a complaint. While you are there, click on the button "check out a business". Then type in Event Tickets LLC or Ticketsmyway. I note the BBB has received 222 compliants in the last 36 mo. for Event Tickets and 126 complaints for Ticketsmyway. Its interesting reading.

Again, don't let Andrew or Jacob fool you. Pay them nothing. They are in big trouble.

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Attention all future victims, below is the reason for this positive review. Don't do business with these guys unless you want to be threatened with litigation, blacklisting from all online ticket brokers and ruined credit, just like I am currently being threatened by TMW and Andrew Sims.

Also, TMW is now doing business as Buyer beware!!

I received this email in August 2008:

Dear Tickets My Way Victim,

After reviewing your account, we have realized that there are two sides of the story in this matter.

A Solution

We understand that you do not feel you should be liable for any payments and while we still feel that you should, we want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Rather then bringing you to Las Vegas to dispute this matter in court, we want to offer you this as a fair settlement.

Go out on the internet, find 2 new places (this means a new article, not a comment on a recent post) and post up something positive about our company and email us the links to the post to Once we have 2 reviews from you, we will call it even.

This is the offer we came up with after considering to give you the benefit of the doubt. I hope you find this a fair solution.

Please note, if you accept this offer, you may not post negative reviews to modify your positive review to reflect as a negative review or the offer will be null and void.

Andrew Sims

Event Tickets Legal Department

1-888-442-4404 ext 228

Cedar, Michigan, United States #27821

Yeah I have to agree, I am a nut job.

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While I Touch Myse.....

home 310-316-7367

cell 310-283-2095

Work 310 812-4321 ext.38130

Cedar, Michigan, United States #27806

This is that guy that is nuts, no one should listen to him. what a crack pot.

get over it budy and get a life

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