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I purchased two tickets from Event Tickets LLC (dba on April 8, 2008 for a Broadway musical showing May 3, 2008. A week prior to my leaving for NY I still hadn’t received the tickets. During the week prior to my departure for New York on May 1, 2008, I sent numerous emails, voicemails and even faxes to Event Tickets LLC (dba—all of which were unreturned. On May 2, 2008—the day prior to the show—I received a voicemail message from Andrew Sims at Event Tickets, LLC saying that the tickets had been FedExed to my home address in Seattle the day prior to the show. Obviously, I wasn’t able to use the tickets, and when I returned from NY, the tickets that were sent were not even the tickets that I ordered!

I had ordered seats in the center orchestra section, row Q. I don’t remember the seat numbers, but I actually selected the individual seats from a seating chart. Each seat on the chart had a different price assigned to it and I paid for the two seats I selected. The tickets that were eventually sent to me were not for the seats I had purchased, not even in the center orchestra or row Q, but way off to stage left with a partially obstructed view. Not surprisingly the price printed on the tickets were almost $100 less than what I had originally paid.

Their scam is obvious to me now. They give you the impression you are purchasing certain tickets at a certain price by having you select them from a seating chart. Next, they wait until a day or two before the actual performance and then purchase a much cheaper seat from what little inventory remains and then send this to you.

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I purchased tickets for Rent in Chicago in the fall of 2007. They called weeks before the event and told me that they could only get me two tickets.

Never credited my account. Notified American Express and they did a charge back. They called me months later at work one day threatening to sue me. They even went as far as to give me the bogus court summons.

Being a student I took it to one of my friends who was in pre-law stating that this suit is bogus. They said they would ruin my credit, which is fantastic. I talked with my grandma's lawyer and they told me not to do anything. I bowed down to them, paying them 75 dollars.

They then sent me a letter stating everything was good.

They called back several weeks later wanting more money. I hung up, and I haven't heard from them since.

Port Hueneme Cbc Base, California, United States #30115

Oh, I got it all...a bogus lawsuit, threats that they would sue and ruin my credit, that they would blacklist me with other ticket sellers (give me a break!), harrasing phone calls. I told them to back off or I would:

1. File a complaint with the FTC

2. File a complaint with the Nevada State Attorney General

3. File a complaint with the Nevada Comsumer Affairs Division

4. File a complaint with the Nevada Better Business Bureau

5. Sue them

I did all 5, and encourage other victims to do the same!


At least you got tickets or something of some kind of value. Most of the Ticketsmyway Victims not only failed to get any tickets and on top of that, bogus lawsuit papers, harrassing emails, idiotic phone calls from Nasty Little Andrew Sims and the other band of Ticketsmyway misfits. They should all be locked up!


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