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Under no circumstances order tickets from are scumbags and liars.

Michael Mead, you must be proud running this fraudulant company. I ordered tickets in December and had to call them in March, to be informed that "my" tickets were no longer available. They were replacing row H center tickets with row U right tickets. Equal tickets were available on their site but it's there policy not to lose money even when it's there mistake.

DO NOT ORDER FROM TICKETSMYWAY.COM they are ripoff, liars, scumbags.

Charlie,Dennis, Michael how can you sleep at night knowing you are stealing hard earned money from honest consumers?

Monetary Loss: $400.


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Hello!I'm very interested in buying some tickets for a concert.

I've found, and it seems to be sicure...but surprisingly, the name is quite similar to

Have you ever heard about the first one, Mywaytickets??Please, I need your helppp


those *** scumbags made me pay $900 for movie tickets and i never reicieved them and now i have to *** pay $500 more for a fee

4 months later they send me a COURT NOTICE saying i didn't pay the $1400 i owed and im like WHAT THE *** and i remembered they were talking about the $900 and the $500 they had me pay for i didnt pay them ANYTHING

2 months later they threaten me with a $4000 dollar bill so i *** in the return letter and send it to them and i never got a letter from them again :grin

Avadi, Tamil Nadu, India #24239

I have been quite possibly ripped off by this company also.I bought tickets in February to the sum of almost 500.00 In June, I got a call that my "tickets became unavailable." They told me to go onto my account and acquire refund.

I did just that, and its been over a month. I have not received my refund, nor can I reach anyone at this company. I left several Voicemails. It seems they try to scare people into not disputing with their Credit Card companies because they will be enforcing a litigation fee and 45% of the refund amount will be charged.

I think I will never see my refund again, and I also changed my CC information so that they couldn't rip me off again.! Im quite pissed, and wish there was a way to get the money back. ***, it wasn't even my fault they don't have the tickets they said they had.

Don't Charge people if you don't have the tickets!Reserve them with a fee!..*** company.


we have just been ripped off to the tune of $806 dollars. can anybody help? anyone sue them?

Cedar, Michigan, United States #15012

I ordered tickets 2 months prior to my event and the tickets came 2 weeks prior to my event.I also recieved an upgrade at no additional charge.

They were able to get my 8 rows closer to the stage then I was.I was very satisfied with

Cedar, Michigan, United States #15011

I am a lawyer and I've done some research as well.They can sue you for breach of contract and jurisdiction is in the state of Nevada.

So you have to sue them there as well as get an attorney licensed in Nevada.

So if you don't want to pay for a plane tickets, hotel, attorney fee and court fees on top of the amount they are after I would just try to settle it up with them.See if they will reach an agreement with you.

Bognor Regis, England, United Kingdom #14641

Try calling EI Box Office they are the software company that is letting and Event Tickets LLC rip you off EI Boxoffice is also Ticketsnow that was just bought by Ticketmaster if people call maybe they will stop letting this company rip you off like they have been EI Boxoffice 877-800-3434 Ext 4163

West Salem, Wisconsin, United States #14359

Hi Guy's, I just got a summons from for the same stuff as people have written here. What can I do?

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #14257

I just got a summons for tickets I never received.I was told by Amber that the tickets were no longer available and that no charges will be made.

But 2 months later, I get a summons.I dont know what to do..

HELP !!!

Roseau, Saint George, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines #13189

I'm terrbily sorry i made a mistake.It is the other way around.

They sent me four tickets instead of six.They called me notifying me of this, and i told them to refund my money which they said they would

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