Man, These guys are great! I never had a better experience with any other ticket broker before.

Every time that I use these guys they always have a way of just doing something great for their customers. I always buy concert tickets and I would recommend ticketsmyway.com to anyone and everyone that I know! I ordered my tickets and I always get them two days after I order and they have the best prices out of every other ticket broker that I find online. All these complaints I see on here are ***.

If you guys would just to the website and read the terms and conditions set forth on the website like your suppose to you would never have any problems. I read them and never had a problem.

Once my tickets I originally ordered were no longer available they called me and upgraded me for free!

Use Ticketsmyway.com!

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this company doesn't even sell tickets. all they do is scam consumers for 45% of their money (if not 100%, as in some cases).

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines #15229

Ticketsmyway.com is a FRAUD, they don't even have a business license anymore! I contacted Clark County, Nevada and the license expired 2/28/06.

Event Tickets, LLC is not even registered. They're probably going to change their name again because they know they're going down. The Nevada Attorney General is on to them! Consumers beware!

STAY AWAY FROM TICKETSMYWAY.COM! Save yourself the headache of dealing with these scam artists! Don't let them scare you into paying for tickets you never received. They're trying to get anything at this point.

Don't fall for their scam! You won't get the tickets you ordered and no one calls you back. As for the "hooks it up" person, that's really funny. How would they upgrade your tickets when they never answer the phone for anyone else?

I called them 12xs, left messages & did not receive a call back. I was supposed to receive tix within 48 hrs and never received them. Thank God my credit card company reversed the charges or I would have been out. Now they want to threaten a lawsuit.

They have nothing to stand on.

At this point, I just want to warn everyone else to stay away from them! Research with the BBB before you order anything from any company!

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines #15224

You sound like an employee of Ticketsmyway! That's exactly what the customer rep said to me about reading the TERMS and what I signed up for.

It's funny how you're the ONLY customer satisfied. I feel sorry for anyone who works for a company that SCAMS others!

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