Ticketsmyway supposedly has live chat and a toll free number. I have received communication from neither.

My show is on 4/13/08...but my latest ticket status shows that my tickets will be shipped on 4/14/08.

This company is ridiculous!! I have spent 25 minutes on the phone (for the third time) and someone finally answered. They are shipping my tickets overnight...we'll see what happens. The online chat person also finally answered me but I just got the situation supposedly resolved on the phone. I will be back here on MOnday if I do not really receive the tickets.

Monetary Loss: $243.

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Wexford, Pennsylvania, United States #8524

I ordered Tony Bennett tickets on 04/10/08 (8 days before the concert) and each day, the mail out date changes to tomorrow...Called them today and they said "Oh, sorry, but those tickets are not longer available, BUT we have these more expensive tickets...do you want them?" WHAT A RIPOFF AND SCAM!! BAIT AND SWITCH, BAIT AND SWITCH, BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!

Shartlesville, Pennsylvania, United States #8359

Wow same broken record here. I purchased tickets for apr.14 2 weeks ago.

After waiting for about 45 mins someone picks up tells me they would be overnighted. Not the case. Haven't got threw to them again.

But i did call my bank and they are handling it. If you charged them call your bank tell them whats up.

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