I just got my tickets in the mail via FedEx today.

Once again arriving on time! This is my THIRD purchase with them. Each time I have either got exactly what I wanted or a FREE UPGRADE. I have ordered Wicked, Jersey Boys, and Young Frankenstien tickets.

I'm disgusted at these ridiculous reviews I read on here, It is VERY OBVIOUS these are people who don't understand what a Ticket Broker does and HAVE NO LIVES!!!!! To think that a company gives bad customer service to this person, and then outstanding industry leading customer service to another is not only illogical but plain crazy.

Furthermore, as a third year law student all this talk about lets "sue" them, they are being investigated, etc. is certified B.S.!!! Based off of what ive read anyways. It sounds like these people have watched too much court room dramas.

I will continue to buy tickets from them and so will my family and friends (oh and by the way they have all had great service to)

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Freeport, Pennsylvania, United States #20795

Only an employee or owner of the company would post a positive comment regarding ticketsmyway.com on pissedconsumer.com. ?

There are so many complaints across the internet regarding this site I guess they have to do something - people are catching on. Maybe state agencies are also. Hopefully ticketsmyway.com victims will report this wire fraud to the Nevada Attorney General and other agencies and continue to post about the fraud.

This gang has perpetuated this wire fraud for a long time and taken alot of innocent peoples money. They should be shut down.

customer_rep defend
Hughesville, Pennsylvania, United States #19220

This is a laughably funny review. I can only tell that this is an employee of the company or its only employee.

Listen bud your company is a scam, checked out the website I am amazed you have scammed as many brainless morons as you have it shows just how dumb we americans are as a whole. Have fun with their cash in India.

Anyang, Kyonggi-Do, Republic Of Korea #19216

Sounds like they are worried if they are reading the complaint websites and trying to make themselves look innocent! (Ticketsmyway).

I do have to hand it to you guys...

you have been ripping people off for years and still going strong! How you stay out of jail is amazing.

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