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We ordered tickets for an event and was quoted a price and our card was charged. On the day we were supposed to come in, they didn't, so we called to see what the holdup was.

We were told we could no longer get them for the price we were quoted and they wanted more money. We said they couldn't do that.After several minutes of arguing with them, they offered us a full refund. We still do not have our refund. When I finally reached someone today after 20 minutes on hold.

I was told my refund was done today.

I'll watch my account for a few more days, then I'm calling my bank and reporting to BBB and the Attorney General of Nevada.

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the same thing happened to me. in january, i ordered six tickets for rent in chicago.

this company called me several weeks before the event and told me that they could only send four. i said okay, and they offered me better seats, and i told them that i wanted my money back for the remaining two. they said okay, and that it would be one to two weeks. i kept calling the company, and they kept saying it would be one to two weeks.

in march, about a month after the event, i called AMEX and told them to do a chargeback. they did, and this company called me back and told me that AMEX did a chargeback for the full amount of the tickets. i called AMEX back, and they said that they only did the chargeback for the two i did not get. i called the company back, and they eventually gave me my money back.

i got a letter in the mail and they said that they were suing me because i never paid for the other four tickets. it says on my credit card statement that i had. when they called before the suit, they told me that cc fraud was illegal and i could go to jail. i told them in a very harsh manner that i am not a fraud and i am not a thief.

i have legal counsel and i am countersuing this company. you are not the only one out there.

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