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I "bought" tickets from back in early December for a February show (W"Wicked" in Cleveland). A few weeks later they called and confirmed.

Then, at the end of January they call to tell me that they don't have those tickets, but they can offer me something else. The "something else" was not remotely as good as what I had already bought. I told them to stick it.

Their so-called customer service had no actual explanation, only telling me to read the "fine print", which made me even MORE pissed off. Stay away from these guys!!!!

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this is their modus operandi. they've done it to hundreds of other people. file a complaint with anyone and everyone, BBB, Nevada Attorney State General, FBI Internet Crime Bureau, the Consumerist, etc.

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My name is Frank Perkins, and I am real worried about this. I ordered tickets in January from this company for rent in chicago.

Several weeks before I received tickets, I got a call from this company telling me that they were unable to send me six tickets, and said that they would send four. I agreed, and said that they would put the refund back on my credit card. They never did and later I called my American Express, and they did a chargeback. Every time I called this company they said that the bank was slow.

They said this for six weeks, and I then grew tired of it, and got my credit card company involved. They got my money back for these tickets. I received by mail the other day a court summons thus stating that I owed them six hundred dollars for the other four tickets. I have my credit card notifications stating differently.

Anyone out there please respond.

My email address is Thank you so very much

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