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I have never been done more wrong! Rush is my favorite band and I waited years to see this show.

Me and my wife had a nice evening planned and never sent the tickets. When they finally called me back. They simply said "sorry" but didn't offer a resolution or my $$ back. I'm simply screwed!

They won't return my calls and I've had to file fraud complaints to try and get my $$ back. These are bad people. They messed with the wrong guy. I'm going after them big time!!

We'll see who gets the last laugh.

See you in Vegas (company location).

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Harvard, Illinois, United States #14160

Well, they did the same to me. Your credit card company should be able to help you to fix the issue.

Arlington, Alabama, United States #13986

Hey i have written on about every complaint board about this company, and something similar happened with me. in january, i ordered six rent tickets in chicago.

this company called me several weeks before the event and told me that they could only send four. i said okay, and they offered me better and more expensive seats. i told them to refund my money. they naturally agreed and said it would be about two weeks.

they never refunded my money until march when i did a chargeback with my credit card company. this company called me and told me that they would refund my money. about a week ago, they called me and said that they wanted $75 for a chargeback fee. i agreed because they threatened that if i did not send it i would be in trouble (not specified).

i contacted friends of the family as well as my friend's aunt, who is also an attorney, and she advised me not pay them a dime. i am not, and i am countersuing this company for breaking a contractual obligation as well as distress. i am epilectic and this company has stressed me out beyond belief with their scare tactics that i have almost gone into an epilectic fit. if you want to discuss my address is fperkin2 at emich dot edu.

i could not write the actual at symbol or dot symbol because the website would not allow it. let me know.


ypsilanti, michigan

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