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I also ordered tickets 7 weeks in advance of the event. Ship date for the tickets was consistently pushed back.

Finally 5 days before the event I cancelled my order (per their website instructions) and called my credit card company and ordered new tickets from Stub Hub (which, by the way, arrived the very next day YEA! for Stub Hub). Now I am being threatened with a lawsuit.

After working 14 years in litigation and collection myselft, they picked the wrong person. If you are being threatened with litigation, check the Clark County website.

It specifically states "The party being sued MUST CURRENTLY reside, work, or do business in the Las Vergas Township, and you (the plaintiff) MUST be able to provide a current address. I think it's time for a class action lawsuit.

Monetary Loss: $496.

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Naini Tal, Uttarakhand, India #23067

I bought tickets through their website and when they didn't arrive 2 days before the show (even though my credit card had been charged nearly $1000) I called to check on my order. I waited nearly an hour on hold and then the woman I spoke to informed me there were never any tickets at all (nor the substitutes they force you to take if they have them). She then tried to hang up on me before I could even ask for a refund. She then informed me that it would take more than a month to get a refund. I immediately called my credit card company and canceled the charge.

A month later I received the same phony litigation papers from Andrew Sims. Now I receive threatening emails and phone calls from Andrew all the time because I refuse to pay the $125 they are trying to extort from me for canceling the charge. If they tell you your contract says you have to pay them DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!!

They won't see a dime from me!

Report them to Nevada's Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and the FBI! I I would happily sue these idiots.

Phippsburg, Colorado, United States #22286

Hey Gang... Same story here...

Bit different, but same old song and dance. I would also love to get in on a class action lawsuit... I'm even in the process of contacting several lawyers to see if anyone's interested... So if anyone starts one...

let me know... I'd be glad to offer my evidence..

Oolitic, Indiana, United States #15889

Same story here, never got my tickets. However, after reading all this, I feel lucky that I was able to get my refund back without involving a third party (well, at least Google Checkout tells me refund is in progress).

After 4 phone calls over a two month period, I was able to convince one rep, and I immediately received an email from Google Checkout confirming the refund (during our conversation!).

Rogue, rogue people! Anxiously waiting to get hold of my funds.

Ione, Oregon, United States #15364

Im another that just got a notice. My story is similar to the rest of yours except I ordered my tickets 5 months in advance, and was even called by someone from ticketsmyway 4 months before the event who told me my tickets would be my tickets would be mailed a month before the event. This of course never happened.

Count me in on the class action.

Poplar, England, United Kingdom #15308

Same thing here, My wire bought parking passes for a Dallascowboys game. We never got the passes so she went through our CC.

They had Paypal pro (the group handeling their billing) give us a temp credit. After a month the vendor gave us a full refund and paypal pro took their money back. Now almost a year later i got the same threat of being sued. My wife called them, they called back and kept threatning her to "file tomorrow".

These people have made me madd. I have my proof...add me to the lawsuit!

Dustin Keel Texas

Greentown, Pennsylvania, United States #15276

Its the same story here... I am filing with the Nevada atty generals office and New Jersey atty generals office (I am resident of NJ).

How do we get a class action lawsuit going? I really want to send them a lawsuit letter..

Braeside, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #15251

I was also scammed and sent a threating letter. How do we get this together so they dont STEAL more money.....Im willing to help pay for any legal action against this company.....

South Hero, Vermont, United States #14875

Same situation here. As soon as he NY Giants gained a berth in the NFC Cahmpionship in Green Bay against the Packers, I ordered tickets for my son (lifelong Packers fan) and myself (lifelong giants fan) five minutes after that game on Sunday.

They promised one day shipping but I figured a day or two. On Wednesday, I started to get nervous. On Thursday, I tried to phone them and finally got them and they said the tickets were sold and none were sent. I requested a refund from a very snotty young woman.

I purchased will call tickets from Stub Hub and my son and I got to enjoy the game. Good thing because I'd already made hotel reservations, taken hiim out of school, etc and I had a trip all the way from North Carolina. On Monday I figured they didn't send the tickets I had purchased at all and verified through my credit card company that I had been charged. So I requested to dispute the charge and cancel payment.

That was all of course in January. I recieved a package threatening me with a lawsuit yesterday--FIVE MONTHS LATER!! Let them sue if they really do even exist.

I've got an attorney and they never sent the merchandise. As for anyone else out there that might want to initiate a class action, count me in!

Namestovo, Zilina, Slovakia #14531

Just wanted to say thank you Pepper, you made my day (and I would offer to have your babies, but my husband is bound to object) :grin

Here's my story:

- Ordered some WWF tickets 11/27/2007

- they told me they didn't have those tickets in the last week of December (29th I believe) (I had already given place-holders to my husband for his birthday :eek )

- after much back and forth I got a hold of them first week of January, asked for a refund, was told it would happen (but of course never got anything)

- in February (just before the dispute deadline ran out) I got BoA involved, they opened a dispute and got me my money back (03/19/2008! mind you, that's a 4 month interest-free loan for the ticket-guys)

- tonight (05/29/20008) I got served (well threatened)

I'll be filing a complaint with the Nevada BCP, the BBB, etc. I was pissed they took my money and then made me tell hubby that his present didn't exist after all, but once I had my money back, I was gonna let it go.

Not after this, though.

Thanks again Pepper2001, you saved me a lot of aggravation!

Someone else posted the names of the business-owners in a different complaint thread, which might be useful to include since they'll otherwise just change their name (LLC anyone...).

If a class action suit stands any chance, please count me in.

I even googled them before I bought there, but I reckon they had just (re)started under this new name. Complaints against them seem to only start early this year.

Blairstown, Iowa, United States #14444

I already posted my "same story" about these creeps in another thread. Count me in any class action law suit.

East Amherst, New York, United States #14353

i purchased tickets on feb 29 for a concert three weeks away. after waiting for the floor tickets for the bon jovi concert( my mothers first concert), i was informed even though i had a credit card statement showing the charge and an e-mail confirming i bought these tickets they said they had sold them to someone else and could replace my floortickets with nosebleed behind th stage tickets.

i said no thank you and they promised a refund which never came. i called twice to request a refund and then called my credit card company. the credit card company got my money back but i got a package from fedex today from them asking me to pay $890. the tickets were $742 and I never got tickets!

I just don't know about this. I should sue them!Any pointers

Zheleznogorsk-Ilimskiy, Irkutsk, Russian Federation #13970

I had the exact same thing happen to me. Likewise, they messed with the wrong person and I'll be filing a lawsuit in addition to complaints at,, and .

We can do it class action style if you want. Either way, I'm on a mission to take these people down and I won't stop until I've succeeded.

Nanjemoy, Maryland, United States #13660


they have tried to do the same thing, and i was so upset. they threatened to ruin my credit and garnish my wages. i ordered six tickets for rent back in january and they called me several weeks before the showing and said they could only send four. i told them to give me a refund, and they said okay. they never refunded my money until i got my credit card company involved. i got my money back. they then called me last friday and told me that they wanted seventy five dollars for a chargeback fee. i told them i was not going to pay and not to call again. i got a package in the mail the other day, and they then said they were suing me for six hundred dollars. they said because i never paid for the other tickets when it says on my credit card statement that i did. if you could, please help me with your advice. i do have a lawyer as well but i want to sue this company for emotional distress. i am epileptic,and they have stressed me almost to an epileptic fit. if you could email me back at fperkin2 at emich dot edu. i am sorry i had to put it like that because java would not let me put it. thank you so much.

frank perkins

ypsilanti, michigan

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