Don't buy tickets from this company. I tried to and after ordering the tickets for a show that was 2 months away, they notified me and told me my tickets weren't available and to contact them.

I could never get through to them. After several messages via phone and e-mail, I contacted my credit card company to revoke the charges. Come June I receive a snotty call telling me I am going to be sued if I don't give my credit card now. Then I get the fex x, requesting I pay penalty charges plus the price of the tickets which I never received.

Now I get an e-mail stating if I pay $125 they will withdraw the case. Do not give these people a dime. I have already contacted my State Attorney General and the State of Nevada Attorney General. I suggest you do the same.

This has to stop.

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The ticket business isn't that hard to make mone at, this company must be run by retards to have to rip people off like this! I'm sure they will end up in jail. All criminal slip up eventually.

Bosque, New Mexico, United States #25634

do not do business with ticketsmyway it is a huge scam.

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