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As of now, I have spent over $600 without evidence of tickets being sent (for Wicked). My story is the same as all the others.

I was charged same day April 16, 2008.... no tickets as of today (5/6/08). I've made several attempts over the past 2 wks to contact someone. I finally got through today, by the grace of God.

My calls up to this point were unanswered, you can't get through, it says "invalid entry" for every extension you try. The live chat is a joke, no one ever picked-up. And 2 emails were bounced back to me. I finally talked to Brandon at ext.226.

He appeared to be helpful, but said the vendor does not have my tickets, and he will personally work on it. We'll see..... I'll update this site according to what happens. the show is next week.

I'm not too hopeful. Denise, NH

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Afton, Tennessee, United States #17134

I can't believe this place is still trying this ***!!! How many names have they operated under in the past?

And to know that one or more of them is already in prison!!! I will make sure to tell everyone I know to stay away from them!!!

Afton, Tennessee, United States #16795

we also were taken for almost $500 and haven't seen any money back yet. They say it's being processed.

Well, it's being processed all right...through my credit card company. The latest person to add to the list of people who will do nothing for you is ANDREW SIMS. He tells people he's a lawyer, but is really only the credit manager. What a joke!!!

Google the names Curtis M Gebers, Brian De Hoyas...they are supposedly the owners.

One of them is in prison! The feds need to shut this place down and put them all behind bars!

Zheleznogorsk-Ilimskiy, Irkutsk, Russian Federation #13971


Unfortunately you're dealing with ***-artists at their finest. My $410 concert tickets were purchased over a month ago and I still haven't been responded to or gotten my $$ back.

It's time to sue these bastards. Are you in?

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