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I purchased 2 tickets to the February Keith Sweat concert. After I purchased the tickets, TMW called me and said those specific tickets were not available any longer, but they had 2 other tickets available (at a higher price; approx $25 more/tkt). That should've been my clue to take my money and run..

I day or so later, I purchased the more expensive pair, which was about 4 days before the event. Well, the day before the event arrived and I never received my tickets! I tried calling, emailing, instant messaging TMW. I never got through to anyone. The day of the event, I still didn't get the tickets, so I called my bank and had them dispute the charge on my card. Luckily, I got my money back.

A couple months ago, I received a "letter of intent to sue". They've been threatening my every since. I still haven't and will not pay those rat bastards! A week or so ago, they sent me an email wanting to settle with me. Basically, they wanted me to go to their website and post 2 positive comments of my experience with them.. Not!! As I result, I decided to post my comments on this site =)

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I just got an email from TMW saying my account had been settled. Timeline: Get threatening phonecall saying they were taking me to court, get FedEx saying they were taking me to court, get email that they would settle for $125, get email that they would wipe debt clean if I would post positive reviews, get email today that account has been settled.

I didn't respond to any correspondence.

Sounds like they're running scared. I truly hope no one succumbed to their threats and everyone got their money back.

Cedar, Michigan, United States #33601

Another Victim go back to your meth lab


Dear,"ANother Victim"..I was referring to the folks over at TMW.


All of this happened to me as well...started in November of 2007. After several e-mails stating that time was running out and if I didn't pay they would sue, I continued to ignore them.

They actually called me and told me that my account was settled.

I couldn't believe it. I haven't heard from them since.



If you were ripped off as this individual and hundreds others you'd be pissed off too and thats why this board exits.

Maybe you should try posting favorable TMW spots on their own board or their new fraud site, or whatever it is now.


Meth makes people age fast,makes people violent,makes them smell bad,and act like a crazed lunatic.Need I say more

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