As many of you know, ticketsmyway has been trying to get money out of people using bait and switch and then using their "terms" to force people to pay by sending out blank small claims documents to consumers threatening to sue. If you didn't pay the first time they offered to settle for $125.

Then if you didn't pay, they said they would forgive you if you placed two positive ads on the net. Obviously this is what is happening.

Also, the have started a new site, onthegotickets.com, if you check the addresses, they are the same. Check out the BBB and Internet before you place an order.

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I have checked onthegotickets' website the past few days. When I click to buy tickets computer error messages pop up.

Nice to know that they are not "actively" ripping people off right now. Hope it stays that way!


Attention all future victims, below is the reason for this positive review. Don't do business with these guys unless you want to be threatened with litigation, blacklisting from all online ticket brokers and ruined credit, just like I am currently being threatened by TMW and Andrew Sims.

Also, TMW is now doing business as Onthegotickets.com... Buyer beware!!

I received this email in August 2008:

Dear Tickets My Way Victim,

After reviewing your account, we have realized that there are two sides of the story in this matter.

A Solution

We understand that you do not feel you should be liable for any payments and while we still feel that you should, we want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Rather then bringing you to Las Vegas to dispute this matter in court, we want to offer you this as a fair settlement.

Go out on the internet, find 2 new places (this means a new article, not a comment on a recent post) and post up something positive about our company and email us the links to the post to fair@ticketsmyway.com. Once we have 2 reviews from you, we will call it even.

This is the offer we came up with after considering to give you the benefit of the doubt. I hope you find this a fair solution.

Please note, if you accept this offer, you may not post negative reviews to modify your positive review to reflect as a negative review or the offer will be null and void.

Andrew Sims

Event Tickets Legal Department

1-888-442-4404 ext 228

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